Contract Sewing For Your Business.

We understand you need a dependable, knowledgeable team of skilled tailors by your side to provide alterations to your customers. Businesses who switch to Tad More Tailoring for the contract sewing are relieved because at Tad More we guarantee.

  • Clear pricing so you can increase your profits
  • Scheduled pick-up and drop-off so you can confidently tell customers when things will be done
  • Quality alterations every time

Increase your income without the hassle of hiring, training and buying new equipment. Tad More Tailoring has years of experience helping business like yours

  • Increase revenue
  • Escalate customer satisfaction
  • Improve efficiency

An Easy Way to Grow Your Business

With Tad More start or grow your alterations service for your business. Don't you find that customers are always looking for convenience and quality? By offering quality alterations and sewing at your business, you will increase your customer base and improve your customer satisfaction instead of losing your customers to your competitor down the road. Your customers will love the convenience of alterations at your store. For example, partners that we currently work with have seen a rise in customer satisfaction, their shops reputation, and even additional revenue from tailoring services.

You already do an exceptional job with your current offering. Tad More will sew with quality and precision; allowing us to weave together an unbeatable partnership! With Tad More's.

  • Quality sewing
  • Set pricing
  • Reliable scheduling

You can grow your business with confidence.

  • Hello AC here, giving a little love to J&A Custom Clothing. They have kept me up on the latest fashion and style for a long time. They can take great care of from head to toe. You won't go wrong!

    Austin Carr Former NBA Player

Let's talk about how your business can grow with Tad More Tailoring. Please fill out the information below and one of our team members we reach out within 24 hours. We are looking forward to helping you grow!

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