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Men's Shirt Alterations

Men's Shirt Alterations

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Cleveland  Tailoring provides a range of services. Below are the list of services provided for this product:

  • Add Elbow Patch - Add elbow patches to shirt
  • Long Sleeve into Short Sleeve - Shorten long sleeves into short sleeves
  • Shorten Shirt Length - Shorten shirt length
  • Shorten Sleeve - Shorten sleeve length
  • Shorten Sleeve with Cuff - Shorten sleeve length with cuff or other detail at sleeve edge 
  • Take in Shoulders - Take in shirt shoulders
  • Take in Sides - Take in shirt sides from the armhole to the hem of the shirt
  • Taper Sleeve - Taper shirt sleeve from the armhole to the edge of the sleeve
  • Shorten Sleeve with Cuff and Move Placket - If you wish to maintain the original placket length while also shortening your sleeves for a better fit, this is the service for you!   


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