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Womens Dress Alterations

Womens Dress Alterations

Get your dress alterations done with precision and speed at Cleveland  Tailoring. The seamstresses and tailors at Cleveland  have the skill and finesse to shorten, take in, or whatever else it may be to make sure your dress fits you like a glove. We do casual dress alterations, formal dress alterations, bridesmaids' dress alterations, and wedding dress alterations. You name it; we can do it.

Prom Dress and Formal Dress Alterations

Get your dress altered so it fits like a glove. You can send us pictures with your questions, book a virtual fitting or come into our shop. After our expert seamstresses review the photos and description of the dress alterations you need, we can then quote you a price! If you prefer, you can schedule a virtual fitting with one of our skilled seamstresses and get all your questions answered.

How to Alter Your Dress at Tad More

One of our core values is transparency. At Cleveland  Tailoring it is important to us that you know exactly what you are getting into when you get your dress altered. When it comes to dresses, there is tremendous variability. From boning in the bust, to lace on the waist, sequins on the sleeves, multiple layers to hem; you name it, and our skilled seamstresses have worked with it. Dress alterations can vary dramatically, as a result, we are unable to list specific prices for alterations. When it comes to dress alterations, nothing is standard, therefore, it is always best to send us pictures of your dress for an online quote via the form below or schedule an appointment for in-person alterations. 

If you are using our online alteration services for your dress alterations, once you receive a quote from Cleveland , you are ready to send us the dress. Kindly pack your dress in a box and mail it to Cleveland Tailoring, LLC at:

Cleveland  Tailoring, LLC

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